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Timer Escape Room Intrappola.TO Game

  • You're trapped

  • You have just 60 minutes

  • To open that door

Don’t Stand Around Wondering How You Got Here, Don’t Waste Precious Time.
This isn't your average Escape Room.
You Have Just 60 Minutes To Go Back To Reality.
don’t Stand Around Wondering How You Got Here, Don’t Waste Precious Time. You Have Just 60 Minutes To Go Back To Reality. There Are Both Clues And Traps; It's Up To You To Understand Which Is Which And Find The Way Out. But The Clock Keeps Ticking.
the Cell You Are Trapped In Has Only One Way Out, But Opening It Won’t Be Child’s Play!


To get out From The Escape Room


60 minutes


2-10 people

Available tools

Your brain

Chance of success

3 %

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60 minutes, 6 brains, countless tests to pass. If you wish to succeed in the enterprise, you'll need team spirit, cooperation and sharp wits. Fun for all ages!


Here's where your cooperative skills come into play. A winning team knows how to communicate well and work towards a successful enterprise!


For escape game fans, Intrappola.to is one of the most thrilling challenges you'll come across. Forget easy answers or shortcuts - getting out is definitely not child's play


Want to have some fun before vowing eternal love? Intrappola.to is a top choice among brides and grooms-to-be (and their friends) as the perfect place for a special hen/stag party. Not to mention all the proposals that have taken place...


If you want to have fun and pit yourselves against your friends, the Intrappola.to escape rooms also have the option of a challenge between teams taking on two different rooms. Who will come out on top?


Think outside the box and celebrate a birthday or special date at an escape room! Or give the gift of this exciting experience with an Intrappola.to Voucher - a gift containing endless thrills!

If you've heard about ESCAPE GAMES and would like to know more, or if you're an ESCAPE ROOM fan who wants to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, Intrappola.to is the ESCAPE GAME for you!

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